Project Description

Kevin Quinn is a high definition radio personality, content creator, and marketing master. Let's just say he has a million dollar mouthpiece. He has spent his entire career perfecting his craft and discovering that business success depends on knowing the best ways to connect with their customer.

My Role

  • Web Designer
  • Front-End Developer


How can a man this talented not have a website? Lucky for him (mostly me) we did business a long time ago and became great friends. He always trying to broaden his horizons and he wanted to learn more about building websites. We discussed his goals for the site and what he wanted to learn along the way. He already knew the basics of HTML & CSS, so I brushed up his skills to start with. From there I taught him a little more about hosting and how your website gets from your computer to the web. I shit you not with in a couple hours he had mastered Git or maybe he just had a great teacher ;) I gave the foundation for his site and he did an amazing job finishing it up. You can even see this site on GitHub and the code he has pushed. There is not much that guy can't do.