Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand is a neighborly commerce platform that enables people to buy and sell goods within a community. Artists, craftspeople and entrepreneurs can share their wares with their neighbors while members of the community can find and buy close to home. An easy way to shop while supporting your local economy and the talent within it- what could be more wholesome? The high concept pitch was it's Craigslist meets Instagram.


I was on the 2011 NYC StartupBus and only had 48 hours to complete this project with a team of 6 others. I designed the logo and both Android & iPhone UI for our team. All the hard worked helped the team reach the semifinals, finishing in the top 12 of 38 teams. I was nicknamed "The Machine" for my hard work and dedication.

On the acutal bus
All of us hacking in a hotel room
Talking to some press
Redesign sketch
The app acutally worked
One of the YouTube co-founders made us some swag.
We found one of our stickers on the street
Getting ready to pitch at NYTM


Here is a quick landing page that I created to start collecting email address.


Here are a couple screenshots from the app design I did while on a bus. Keep in mind the bus was moving and I didn't sleep much.

iPhone App


We had to create a video to show off our hack. We decided to do an infomercial. I helped direct and edit this video after being up for 60+ hours with little sleep in between. I was luckily enough to get Kevin Quinn to do the voice over work for us.

Hack of the Month

After SXSW we where celebrated as an impressive technical achievement and honored with Hack of the Month at NY Tech Meetup. We got to present and pitch Lemonade Stand in front of 800+ people in the audience. The video of this is below. Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist.org, was also in the audience that day. Apparently he wasn't happy when we poked fun at the personal ads on craigslist.




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