Gigato lets you use your favorite android apps free of 2G or 3G mobile Data Charges. Once you download and register with Gigato all the apps that partner with them are able to rebate you for the data consumed on their apps with unrestricted mobile recharge credit. Gigato is an enabler of network neutrality and of the app ecosystem and believes in giving users options when it comes to paying for data and using their apps when and where they like.


When the awesome people at Mavin reached out to us they asked for help creating and designing the overall look and feel of Gigato. We jumped at the opportunity. We haven't designed an Android app in a while, let alone design an app that would exclusively be used by consumers in India. Another thing we liked about this project it being in the early idea stage still in need of fine-tuning.

The overall idea was that the user would allow the app to take over the lock screen to show them ads. They could either like the ad, save it for later, or dismiss it. In return for viewing the ads, the app would allow them to somehow gain data to their plan.

Part of the reason we were brought on to this project was to help clearly define what the end product would be. We have years of experience working with many clients and building our work. We know the process of what it takes to build a successful app.

The initial idea that was presented to us
How they collecting basic demographic information
Collecting basic demographic information
Flow of the various types of lock screen ads


We wanted to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for users throughout the entire app. From the onboarding, which explains what Gigato does, to the weekly promotional offers.

We had to do a bunch of research to better understand how people in India use apps and how data plans function in their region. We discovered that they don't buy in bulk like we do in The States. When they purchase minutes for their phone they commonly just get enough to last them one day or one week.

Sketching out a few ideas on how to display the data


After learning the business goals and objectives, we love to sit down and begin sketching out our ideas. Once we get the creative juices flowing we move the sketches to the whiteboard, and from there we begin mocking up wireframes in Sketch.


As we worked alongside the Mavin team we helped solve numerous issues from the onboarding process to the dashboard views.

“Not All Who Wander Are Lost”

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