Why We Design


I have been doing a lot of thinking on why people design things, including myself. I have boiled it down intro four main categories. Designing for yourself, designing for clients, designing for the greater good, and designing for money. I think a designer could (and should) fall under all these categories. I also think that each designer tends to do their job for one main category.

Designing for Yourself

Your main passion is just making awesome stuff to enjoy.

Designing for Clients

Your main passion is making the client happy.

Designing for the Greater Good

Your main passion is making the world a better place.

Designing for Money

Your main passion is cash in the bank.

There is no right or wrong answer for who you are. For me having a better understanding of why I design helps gives a better direction for which projects I take on.

I understand we design for more than just the four categories mentioned above. The main goal was to boil the reasons down into the main points.