What is Email?

I really haven't thought about it before, but I can tell you that I pretty much hate it. I have about 100 emails from the past week that I have haven't responded to. To properly respond to everyone it is going to take a least a full day. I will most likely spend a few hours each day responding to those emails and whatever else comes in. Generally, I am in my own world building something and never notice that I have a new email. This is where I start the pattern of being behind.

I recently started using Mailbox and it opened my eyes and made me reimagine email. The first thing I did, after having the app open for 10 seconds, was to delete my email signature. Why do I need a signature on my personal email? You already know who I am. Why do we need to be so formal? Why can't we treat this conversation more like a chat message that is straight to the point? Why do we need all the fluff from start to finish? This is not some letter that we write with a quill that is transferred by a horse to arrive at our house days later.

Let's cut the bullshit and get straight to the point. Don't start off by saying "Hey Kennedy,". Don't ask how my day is going (unless you sincerely care). I don't care about your weather. Don't make small talk. Just get to the point. I'd rather have you be direct with me. I would even be happy with bullet points in your email. Let's have a conversation vs sending formal mail back and forth.

Let us change what email is and make it more meaningful. Let us create a dialog. Let us get to the point and make each other's life a bit easier.