WeWork is not boring yet

A lot of people have been asking me how the new job at WeWork is going; very typical conversation starter. The simple black and white answer I give them is that “I am not bored yet.” The follow-up question they ask is “well, are you happy?” Of course, I’m happy, I am always happy and if I’m not I fix it.

The question of whether or not I am bored is much more important. When you are bored with something you immediately go onto the next thing.

Fortunately for me, WeWork is the perfect situation for my ADHD. I get to work on a million things both digital and physical, I get to hire, I get to build a team, I solve real problems, I work with very talented people across all departments, I get to teach others, and I get to improve the lives of others.

And on top of all of that, I still have time for my own personal projects and have a life outside of work.

I should give credit to my good friend Jonathan as he cracked up when I told him this. He said he loved that I was so "black and white" about it.