Welcome to NYC Tech


Welcome to NYC,

When I first moved here it was lonely and I felt ever so small. That was until I met the amazing tech community of NYC. I was a complete nobody that had nothing to offer and they welcomed me into their lives. From that point on I made sure whenever someone was new to town to help them out as much as I could.

The following list is compiled by a bunch of welcome emails that I sent out. I am sure I am missing a lot, but I will update it as time goes on.


There are some amazing tech events in NYC. When I first moved here I would go to at least 2 a night. It was a great way to meet the amazing community and get some free pizza.

Finding them

Honestly I find out about most of the events via email. A lot of the links below have amazing weekly newsletters.

The ones I often go to and love

Coworking Spaces

I normally work from my home office or a coffee shop. If you want something more, here are a few to check out. You will eventually end up at one of these for some random event.

People you should follow on twitter

These people are awesome and they always are up to something.


Here are some basic rules for living or visiting NYC.