Using Google Drive as a hard drive

For the past couple weeks a few people have asked me how I have my files set up on my computer. I want to share my structure and how I keep everything organized.

I use Google Drive. This method has few great benefits. For one it's an automatic backup of your entire hard drive. You can access your hard drive from anywhere. And you can share folders with anyone.

A few months ago I had to reinstall the OS on my computer. I accidently deleted a file while trying to fix the Messenger app because something was broken... and I tried to fix it. I ended up screwing up a lot more than just the Messenger app’s files

Normally in this situation I get an external hard drive, move all my files over, reinstall the OS, move all the files back over from the external hard drive to the new reinstalled OS. This process is very time-consuming and not very fun.

This time around I decided that I would put all my files onto Google Drive. I set it up to a similar structure as my Mac. I have four primary folders. One for my personal files, one for general documents, one for Kennedy's Garage, and then one for Theron Studios.


This is where I store my personal files. Inside there I have things such as my credit reports, resumes, investment stuff, some legal documents, my workouts information, and anything that does not really work.


Here I include things such as e-books, images for my desktop wallpaper, music, and general things for the computer.

Kennedy's Garage

This is for previous projects that I've done, ideas, blog post that I am working on, presentations that I've made, and other things that are more general to my personal brand.

Theron Studios

This includes information about clients, general documents for the business, project details, information for the website, blog post, and anything that involves the business.

Even my Favorites are just shortcuts to my Google Drive folders.

This is my main structures for the folders. I also have a lot of subfolders that I share with other people. For example, I have a folder that I share with my wife called finances. There's are some issues with syncing but overall it works pretty great. I imagine you could do the same thing with Dropbox but since I have 1TB free from Google I figured I would start there. There are some negatives, someone could hack into your Google Drive and delete all your files, you'd be pretty screwed. And I'm sure not a lot of people feel comfortable with allowing Google to have all access to everything that's not relevant to working documents. I do make backups to Amazon S3 every once in a while, but probably not as often as I should. I can explain that process on another day.

If you have any questions about how my folders are structure please feel free to ask and I'll try to help out as much as I can.

This post was transcribed via voice to text on my phone.

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