The $1,000 Offers


Dear Recruiters,

Recently a few of you have reached out to inform me that you are offering $1,000 to refer someone for a role. I hate to break it to you but trust in my relationships is priceless.

I do know of a few people looking for jobs, but I will help them out only because I want to see them succeed. I love connecting people, and I am pretty good at it.

I am not trying to be a complete dick; I am just saying that your approach sucks. No, I will not give you my contacts, but I will give you some of my time. Get to know me, build that relationship, let me gain your trust, show me that you are amazing at what you do.

I currently have a few recruiters that I would call close acquaintances at this point. I have had drinks with them, some conversations about tech, and an overall good time with them. I’m not saying take me on date, but do give me some respect.

Your future drinking buddy,