Stock market game

This is a first of many posts where I share some ideas that I don't plan on working on because I want to focus on fewer ideas.

This idea came about because I wanted to learn how to invest in the stock market by doing. I read a couple books, but I wanted to practice before jumping in. I thought a fun way to learn was by making it into a game and playing it. The problem with stock market games I downloaded and played with were they weren't realistic, you can't really learn anything from them. By adding some of the basic things to the game it would go a lot further to my understanding of how the real thing works, such as adding a stop lost to a stock.

To take it a step further, I hand another idea for the game. This part of it would not be public knowledge as I am sure the players would not like this part. You could use the data from the game to invest in the real stock market. You could analyze trends and see how others in the game were making money. You could even take your top 3 players and just auto-invest in whatever they are investing in. Of course, the more people playing, the more data, the better the odds.

I am sure there is some huge legal issue with this idea that I am unaware of. Another issue is that because it's game players would not invest in the same way they would if it was their own money. It's easy to invest $20,000 of fake money vs $200 of your own money when you have no clue what you are doing.

All possible legal issues aside I still like this idea, mostly because I still want to learn and the idea of making money off of other people's luck/skill is obviously appealing. I don't think I am right to build this as I know nothing about the finance. This could be a shitty idea that I am sure someone else has thought of before.

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