Stick to your guns

About six months ago I started to build a website for a talented musician named Kevin Anderson. I first heard about him when I was listening to Jango and one thing led to another and I was building him a website. Not only do I love his music, he is a kickass person. We still talk on the phone as if we have been friends forever.

Like most of my clients we go trough this educational phase about what a website should and shouldn't be. This can be the most difficult part of the entire project if the client does not trust you and your work. Luckily for me, Kevin could easily relate to what I was saying because he is also an artist. We talked about what he wanted for the website and what we thought the end user would want. We decided that a user would not want a splash page, music to auto-play and some other randomness. Most of the time this is no easy feat. Just recently Kevin left me a voice mail thanking me for telling him how it should be.

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I spent countless hours reading every day about my field. I don't claim to know everything, but for the most part, I know how to do my job. The point I am trying to make is that you are the professional, don't let your client tell you how to do your job. They will appreciate it in the long run. Here is the article that Kevin was talking about in the voicemail: Trent Reznor: What To Do As A New / Unknown Artist.