Global Entry Photo


I just got back from a little vacation / company retreat for Theron Studios from Costa Rica. It was wonderful and much needed. In preparation for this trip I got my passport, TSA Pre✓™, and my Global Entry card.

While going through customs and immigration at MCO I was able to skip the long line and go straight to the Global Entry kiosks. I scanned my passport, answered some quick questions, and took a photo.

As you can from the photo below the U.S. Government did not build this machine for tall people (I am 6'6") or little people. I know tall people don't normally bitch about accessibility for our height, but why should I have to lean down to get my whole face in the photo. My wife got mad at me for fear that we would not be allowed through. When we approached the final station for getting back in the country the guy looked at the photo and then looked up at me and just rolled his eyes.

Who needs to see my face anyways. #ThanksObama

Update #1

My wife wanted to explain her side of being nervous. She says I left out the part where I said, "FUCK them. If they want to build a camera like this then I'll do whatever the fuck I want!" Cue her getting nervous in customs. I have nothing to add, I still stand by what I said.

Update #2


I haven't learned my lesson.

Update #3


I got caught taking a photo of this, the guy was more upset at me snapping the pic then my face not being in the photo. I think my smirk is progressing. Also, I love rocking my Working Not Working shirt.

Thanks to Sam Soffes for creating Redacted, which is an app that makes it quick and easy to redact parts of an image.