For less than $12 per hour you could be a babysister

Yesterday "WEB DEVELOPER (DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES)” received 102 points on Hacker News. One of the many highlights of what made this popular was the fact that for all that the job required it only paid $12/hour. It’s easy to laugh this off as pretty much anyone in this field makes a lot more while having a lot less experience. They may find someone, but hey they will get what they pay for, right?

Screenshot from the Craigslist post

Late last night my wife brought to my attention an ad for someone looking for a babysitter to watch their four kids for $10 or less an hour. The only requirements are “must love children and be very dependable," oh and a “non-smoker." Not a lot of skills required to be responsible for four little humans. I understand that companies have large budgets whereas most families do not, but it’s crazy to think of the type of people that would babysit four random kids for $10 an hour. My first thought was: I guess they will get what they pay for.

Screenshot from the babysitting post. Location is irrelevant as life is priceless.

I took this as a friendly reminder that my job is not that bad, and I get paid a shit ton more than I should for doing something that won’t kill anyone.