Focusing on less ideas


Noticed how I didn't title it "Focusing on one idea". I accepted a long time ago that I am not wired to focus on just one idea. In my 20's I thought I could do everything and I wanted to do everything. This is a common phase they all young entrepreneurs go through. I attempted to do a lot of things in my 20's. I was a mechanic on air planes, did ocean rescue, surf instructor, bartender, EMT in an emergency room, sold coffee, created my own startup, and a lot of little things in-between. There was a lot more that I wanted to do. I wasn't always successful, but I gave it my all. I don't regret bouncing around so much, I learned a lot and gained a lot of life experiences. All of this made me who I am today and I am proud of that.

Durning this time I generated a lot of ideas. Some good, some bad, and a few completely random ones. Recently something switched and I think I have figured out what I want my main focus to be. I have always known, but I now feel that I am ready to take on this part of my life.

Real estate is where my heart is. Everything about it makes me excited. I don't plan on becoming an agent to sell houses, although I do plan on getting my license to have a better understanding of that side of things. I want to learn as many pain points as possible and in the process invest in some properties. The goal of this is to build something out of it.

There is still a lot of self-education I want to explore before I switch over doing real estate full time. In the meantime I will continue building my creative studios with my awesome co-founder Brian Revak and help our clients build their business through strategy and execute it with amazing design.

Because of my new focus I will be sharing my ideas that I don't plan on doing. I plan on sharing the details and any other assets that I might have come up with along the way. This is not going to be easy, but it's for the better and I hope some people can be inspired to build something great.

Icon in hero image created by Nathan Thomson from the Noun Project.

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