Fixing some typos and grammatical errors

Any reader of mine knows that I am pretty much the worst at spelling and grammar. The sad part is that I will go over my writing a few times to make sure that there are no errors. There has never been a time where I’ve gotten it 100% correct. I normally have my wife Sara or my good friend Brian or my other good friend Ilana edit the post either before or after I publish it, if they have the time.

Believe it or not I actually try really hard to improve my spelling and grammar. I understand that I am not the greatest at it, but at least I try. I never understood why people get upset when others call them out. OK, maybe they don’t do it in the most constructive way, but I love when people do it to me. I always hope to learn why and how they are able to point those mistakes out to me.

A couple days another good friend of mine, Tim, helped me out without asking or even saying anything. Things like this make my day. I can not even express how happy this makes me. So, thank you, Tim. I really appreciate it. You can view his suggested changes on GitHub where my website code lives.


The next time someone corrects your spelling or grammar, say thank you and try to learn from it.