Fake it till you make it


Eventually you are going to actually fake it until you made it. Then what? I have been faking it my entire life. I have always lived by the motto "Fake it until you make it". It is something I said to myself to make myself feel better about the lack of formal education. Something I never thought about is what happens when I do "make it"? Let me till you, it's a very strange feeling.

I have been living (what feel like) a lie my whole life. I have literally bullshitting my why through life. I often question myself if the thing I am working on is just me bullshitting or actual skill that I developed.

Soon I realized or accepted that I was just a bullshit artists like everyone else. And more importantly, I accepted it. The world is mine and I can do whatever I want with it. I can make it happen.

My mother always said "Chris (she calls me by the first name) if we were ever to drop you off in a remote place, you would make it back home with more money then we left you with, more friends, and more stories then you had, to begin with."

Maybe it is not so much bullshit, but survival.