Droid 2 Attack


Do not ask me to play thumb wars anytime soon. Today I was attacked by my Droid 2. The phone was running a bit slow so I decided to preform a battery pull. And that is when my whole life flashed in front of me. I try to pull down the back panel and it was putting up a good fight. I budged it down just enough to get my thumb nail in-between the crack. I thought to myself now I am getting somewhere. Then my phone bit me, it wouldn't let go. I just kinda looked at it, thinking there is no way my phone just went underneath my nail. Then the blood starting spitting out of the ¼" pipe line to my blood stream like a pissed off volcano. Why the FK would you do this to me Motorola? Why would the hell put three daggers right underneath the panel pointing in the opposite direction that the panel has to go? I do not want to sue you or press charges. I just want a "we FKed up" phone call or I would be happy with a hug.