Domains For Sale

Hello, my name is Kennedy and I'm an domainaholic. It may not be easy for me to admit to others that I need help, but the sooner I get rid of these the happier the wife will be.

I'm not looking to make enough money to dive in a pool of coins, but it would be nice to pay myself back for holding the domains and maybe something a little extra for the wife, like a Cat Crossbow. Some of them I have a twitter handle and even designs.

Here is the list of domains I'm currently selling, also included a little info about what I was going to do with each. Please make an offer.

I stand 6' 6" and I get asked how tall I am all the time. I always tell them 5' 18" and make them do the math.
An idea a friend and I had for an ad network, never really took off. Also have the twitter handle.
A was thinking of changing the name of Status Chart for a brief second.
Thought it would be cool to open a brewery in Austin, TX.
Live Betta fish wars. JK, I was thinking this could be some kind of PETA stunt.
I was trying to come up with a good "business group name". For what ever reason I thought of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Inspired by Method & Craft. Was thinking about making a blog about building startups. Also have the twitter handle.
Mix between a carousel and a slide. Thought about making a jQuery slider plugin.
It is a real phrase, look it up. Cobra Effect: "The cobra effect occurs when an attempted solution to a problem actually makes the problem worse". Also have the twitter handle.
A little site a built a long time ago to keep track of code I reused a lot. coCODEnut...you get it...
Great domain for some mattress company for a little micro site. Wanted to have a video of people yawning with a question and two buttons. "Did you yawn", Yes or No.
When you are out of beta and too cool for it. Don't know why I got this.
A local bar in Gainesville, FL. I was planing hitting them up and trying to sell them the domain and a website.
A local bar in Gainesville, FL. I was planing hitting them up and trying to sell them the domain and a website.
Just like the way it sounded. Also have the twitter handle.
@JessicaKRoy said something on twitter asking who owned this domain, saw it was available and got it. Currently pointing it to Status Chart. Her tweet was in reference to App.net Thinks of the Poors, Lowers Yearly Membership Price, Adds Monthly Plan.
Another day of day dreaming about random domains.
I might have been in the mood to open my own gym.
Had an idea for an apparel company that sold items for tall skinny people like myself. Also have the twitter handle.
Wanted to make a website featuring beautiful apps. Also have the twitter handle.
A website with mobile app patterns.
Fun name, wanted to use it for a design agency. Also have the twitter handle.
Used it for a e-commence that sold fish supply. Could also be used for some kind of game. Also have the twitter handle.
Oh you remember when everyone was making weather apps. I wanted to create one based off of the Station Model.
Thinking about building a website selling something along the lines of legalized medical marijuana products.
See "cobraeffect.com" above.
As it sounds.
Great domain for selling Tinting supplies.
See "todaywegive.org" below.
Long story short I wanted to build a website where we showcased a new charity each day. I some awesome designs for this, let me know if you want to check them out. Also have the twitter handle.
Got this one long time ago. I was thinking about a new version of "word of mouth".