Date Night


Quick tip for all of those hard workers burning the midnight oil that have someone special in their life. Have a dedicated date night. I have always worked long hours ever since being a young entrepreneur. Sometimes I get so caught up in my work and completely forget about my surroundings. When we first moved to NYC I was excited about all the possibilities. I spent a lot of time working, maybe too much. Needless to say, I wasn't spending that much time with my wife, which wasn't good for any of us. Luckily for me she is very understanding and supportive of my lifestyle. We talked about it and came to the conclusion that we would dedicate one night a week to just us spending time together. I literally blocked off Tuesday nights on my calendar and called it "Date Night". I don't plan a single thing on that night and I try not to work at all. Sometimes we go out exploring the city or just happy sit at home together. Giving this dedicated night to my wife and I has been wonderful and I would not take away those Tuesdays for anything.